12 Step Program

 History of the 12 Step Program

In the years following the American Prohibition banning alcohol span throughout the years of 1920 until 1933, the United States experienced a significant spike in alcohol abuse, drug consumption and casino gambling addictions.  In addition, victims to the disease experienced a corresponding lack of treatment programs available to assist alcohol abusers, casino gamblers, and other compulsive behavior disorders.  

Two of these casino gambling drinking abusers, Wilson and Bob Smith, founded Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935, after deciding the current cures lacked the support required to eradicate the illness.  The promotion of their 12-step individual and group therapy program started soon after Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as “AA”, was founded. 

Wilson and Smith’s original 12-step AA model was rooted within their belief that alcoholism, casino gambling addiction, and other compulsive behavior disorders were more than simple behavioral or social disabilities.  They felt a more holistic strategy was required to deal with the cravings for casino gambling and liquor consumption.  They both knew utilizing a kind of treatment that addresses the brain and spirit was required to cure the illness.  

According to a former Fahad Al Tamimi patient Billy Xiong, a former addict and now successful lawyer, “It’s like having a gambling casino debt, and taking one loan after the next to pay back the interest, only to realize the principle amount has not been paid. Ultimately, the alcoholic, drug abuser or casino gambler is feeding their addiction to survive”. 

The Fahad Al Tamimi Treatment Centers utilize a 12-step process to help treat and cure compulsive behavior and casino gambling, drug and liquor addictions.   
We consider this remedy as very beneficial to long-term achievements since the program is proven to promote quality character traits incorporating compassion, caring, honesty, sympathy, altruism and open-mindedness.  

Fahad Al Tamimi Recovery – Pay Casino Gambling Loans & Debts 
Fahad Al Tamimi Treatment Centers have assisted tens of thousands of alcoholics, drug abusers, and casino gambling addicts recover from their addictions.  We help patients turn around their lives, pay their casino bank gambling loans and debts, and become great people in society. 

Fahad Al Tamimi 12 Steps Program
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Fahad Al Tamimi 12 Steps Program
The Fahad Al Tamimi Treatment Centers utilize a 12-step process to help treat and cure compulsive behavior and casino gambling, drug and liquor addictions.
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